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Tour: Lounge 360 Spa & Wellness

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Let us introduce you to the Disney land of wellness:

The Best U Now Presents Lounge 360 Spa & Wellness

The Best U Now Cosmetic Surgery Center has expanded! we're excited to announce our new health & beauty focused wellness center, Lounge 360—catering to the total woman, with the modern man in mind. And guess what?! we're doing it big over here. Our staff at lounge 360 offer services such as vaginal Steaming, facials, body hair removal, mink eyelash extensions, detox body wraps, body contouring, weight management Programs and SO MUCH MORE! Join me for a tour of some key features here at this astonishing establishment.


Oasis 360

This paradise brings the outdoors, inside. Perfect place for our Besties to Zen out. Our Oasis overlooks our luxury hair salon, Glam 360 and definitely provides the vibes.

It features:

- 2 swings

- 3 flamingo's

- tropical vinery

- intimate lighting

- & stone flooring


Glam 360

Our in-house luxury beauty salon. This acts as a home to our premier beauty partners.

Feel free to ask us how to book a private service here.


V Lounge

Vaginal steaming has huge health benefits and is available right here at Lounge 360


Lounge 360

Working while you wait? Our cozy coffee styled lounge is the perfect hang out for our BOSS besties.

Feel free to stop in and get comfy.


The Social Lounge

Our social media Lounge is perfect for social media and content curation. Are you looking to share your experience to with BEST?! Bring yourself and your device and you're good to go.

If you want to talk about your Bestie journey, ask us how!

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