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More than Skin Deep: Fraud In the Community


The Best U Now is located in beautiful, sunny, South Florida...

no shade but, did we mention that Florida is the scam capital of the USA?

"Nationally, impostor scams, telephone/mobile services and ship-at-home/catalog sales were the most prevalent frauds, the report showed. But in Florida, the top frauds were debt collection, identity theft and impostor scams." - sun sentinel

"The FTC report found 1,002 incidents of fraud for every 100,000 people in Florida — the highest rate of any state. Georgia, the second-most fraud-ridden state, had a far lower rate of 894 reports per 100,000 residents. As a result, Floridians lost more than $84 million last year." - miaminewtimes

Due to our high population of senior citizens in sunny south Florida, there is a huge influx of them victimized by identity theft in their later life and even once they pass away. This form of identity theft has a domino and detrimental effect to many parts of our communities; for example- our elections through election fraud, ordering and/or purchasing items using accounts opened under victim's identity, and one that personally hit home criminals applying for credit through their victim to have cosmetic surgery procedures at facilities like ours.

We are not immune to such circumstances, but here are a few steps we are taking to decrease fraud and heighten security with personal information and identity protection.

  1. 2-Part Background Verification process Patients must submit two forms of identification when attempting to book with our center or in person. One being a STATE ISSUED identification card, and the other can be a choice between credit/debit card, utility bill, passport etc..

  2. Medical Clearances A medical clearance can help us determine whether or not to perform your cosmetic procedure and if so, what accommodations should be made to ensure the safest and most seamless surgery. Believe it or not some patients will provide misleading information in order to secure their surgery but unwillingly set themselves up for unnecessary complications and post operative difficulties. Medical clearances must be complete within 60 days of surgery date and medical professionals conducting your exam MUST complete the form issued by The Best U Now(custom form to each patient) in order for that clearance to be considered.

  3. Medication Prescriptions Our surgeons prescribe the necessary type, dosage, and quantity of medications post surgery. A patient may not refill any narcotic prescribed or allow anyone other than a caregiver to have access to medications. If our facility is notified that any patient is abusing their medication in any way shape or form prescription access will be revoked by and patients must visit their primary care physician or emergency room

  4. Payment Identity Verification We require that patients bring(submit if virtual) a STATE ISSUED photo identification card matching the name of the card used for payment. If a patient attempts use a method of patient that belongs to someone else (spouse, friend, family member) the other party MUST submit a STATE ISSUED identification card a long with a signature giving permission to our facility to process the payment on behalf of the patient. ALL payments processed online or over the phone are accompanied by a card authorization form that must be completed before payment is processed.

At the Best U Now, we pride our selves on the integrity of our service and the effectiveness of our staff. If a patient is found to be participating in any of the above fraudulent activities. The Best U Now will take legal action. #floridafightsagainstfraud

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