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How to get the BEST out of your BBL?

1.Read Bestie Book and follow pre operative instructions:

All Besties are given a Bestie Book Upon booking. (If you’re an out of state patient one will be emailed to the account in which your virtual consultation was submitted.) This book is your guide to a seamless cosmetic surgery experience.Inside contains everything you need to know after booking with the BEST. Pre operative instructions are the directions from your surgeon on how to best prepare for your surgical procedure. Please read all documents thoroughly and feel free to reachout to our staff with any questions.

2. Drink plenty of fluids water & Pineapple juice:

Staying hydrated is the key to healthy healing Drink plenty of water, preferably with electrolytes starting at least one week before your surgery date and continued throughout the postoperative journey. Tip-🍍Juice is the recipe to reducing swelling!

3. Maintain a low sodium diet:

it is important to keep sodium (salt ) intake levels low. Sodium causes the body to retain fluid and increases chances and timeframe of post-operative swelling, which in turn can increase the recovery time and overall results

4. Wear your faja & use recommended post surgical gear:

it’s imperative that all Besties follow recommended faja guidelines. Removing faja too soon or using the wrong size will cause altered results. Contrary to popular belief, patients should NOT use a high compression skin tight surgical garment coming straight out of surgery. Too much compression can cause nausea and vomiting while also limiting the fluid and drainage escape level.

5. Walk to increase blood flow :

Take occasional laps around you home or bedroom every couple of hours to minimize risk of clotting and avoid extended soreness.

6. Use BBL pillow and Avoid Sitting:

Do not sit or apply pressure on your buttocks for a minimum of 21 days after surgery. BBL pillow can be used starting 72 hours post surgery however, whenever an alternate position is available, take advantage of it.

7. Schedule and attend postoperative massages & wellness services:

Post operative is just as important as the surgical procedure. Our medical and Wellness staff finishes the job of the surgeon by ensuring your shape is maintained properly and heals beautifully, ensuring the BEST results!

To schedule an appointment with our offices call 954-446-6464 Today!

For more information and Bestie transformations visit our instagram @Bestunow.official and @lounge360.tbun

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