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Grand Opening 2020

We are so grateful to all who came out to support us at our Grand Opening!

Although Covid-19 made the event interesting and different,

we were overwhelmed with the amount of support we received from our community

for the Best U Now and the reveal of the Best U Now Sales Center and Lounge 360 Spa & Wellness.

We've opened up with some new changes

Here are a few photos of our new spaces!


The Best U Now Sales Center

The sales center is the first stop on your Bestie journey.

Here is where you will have your pre-operative consultation and receive your quote.


The Best U Now Cosmetic Surgery Center

Here is where you will come to do your pre-operative consultation with your doctor and on your surgery day for the big procedure!

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Lounge 360 Spa & Wellness Center

Once your surgery has been completed you will come to Loung 360 for your post operative treatments. Lounge 360 offers massages, facials, weight management programs, waxing. and vaginal steaming.

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more tours to come...stay tuned!

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