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You’ll still become a bestie, you’re just doing it backwards!

Our Bestie Backwards weight loss program is a program created for future besties and non surgical clients who may need that extra push to meet their desired BMI. Besties receive a consultation and full body assessment upon enrollment along with a personalized plan to reach their goal. We know it’s not easy to do alone so all besties are assigned a bestie staff member to check in, motivate, and assist our besties.


WhatDoes this Program Include?


Initial office visit with EKG and consultation with patient care professional


In body Assessment 


30 Days Appetite suppressants 


Weekly Bestie check ins & Lipo amino and  B12 weight loss injections 


Body contouring and Rejuvenation  massages


Infrared eucalyptus Sauna and Rejuvenation  therapy treatments


Lazy Gym sessions & suggested exercise regimens and wellness tips 

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Want the results without the work? This is for you! Our Bestie Backwards Lazy Gym session using top of the line weight-loss and body toning technology(VX Power, Body Bot, & Infrared Sauna). Can be combined with our 36O Lipo mini injection.


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