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Many women are not happy with their breasts for a variety of reasons and therefore elect to have breast enhancement surgery. Many things can affect one’s breasts, including pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain and weight loss, gravity and aging.  Some women feel their breasts are too small and want them to be larger to have a more curvaceous and proportionate body shape. Other women feel their breasts are too large or pendulous which can cause discomfort, back and neck pain, problems finding proper fitting clothes and interference with exercise.  Still other women may suffer from a congenital breast asymmetry in shape and/or size which can be quite significant and undermine one’s self confidence. While no two breasts are perfectly symmetrical, female breast enhancement surgery can definitely correct these types of problems and give both breasts a more equally uniform shape and size.

Breast Lift

The medical term for a breast lift is called a Mastopexy and this is done often for droopy or sagging breasts, otherwise none as ptotic breast tissue.

Sagging or droopy breasts can affect women of all ages. Even young women can develop droopy breasts prematurely due to various reasons such as genetics, poor skin tone, large, pendulous breasts which by nature lose their support easier due to the effects of gravity. Aging, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight loss are also major contributing factors to causing sagging breast tissue. Some patients by nature just have poor skin tone and therefore are more likely to develop droopy breasts.

No matter the cause of the breast ptosis, a mastopexy or breast lift surgery is an excellent way to recontour, lift, reshape and tighten the breast envelope. The goal of the surgery is to create a perkier, youthful shape to the breast, maintain a natural breast contour in the process with increased superior pole fullness.

If you are considering having breast lift surgery, please contact  The Best U Now,  to schedule a consultation to discuss your options with one of our surgeons.

 Female Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction surgery also known as a Reduction Mammaplasty, is a breast surgical procedure where excess breast tissue is removed, along with excess breast skin. The nipple and areolar are repositioned. Breast Reduction surgery also results in a breast lift effect as well. When the extra breast tissue is removed and the skin is tightened, the breast naturally becomes lighter and perkier.

There are two main types of Breast Reduction Surgeries

 Vertical Breast Reduction - This type of surgery is done when the patient has moderate macromastia  with good skin tone and texture.  During a vertical breast reduction, breast tissue is excised from the lower middle part of the breast, breast skin is tightened around the areolar as well and the nipple and areolar are raised and made smaller to be more proportionate with the new breast size and shape.

Full Breast Reduction:  A Full Breast Reduction is performed when the patient has severe macromastia and associated sagging of the breast tissue.  During this surgery, breast tissue is removed from all portions of the breast and skin tightening as well as breast reshaping is performed in conjunction. The nipple and areolar are repositioned and also made smaller to be in proportion with the new breast contour.

If your breasts are so large that you are experiencing discomfort, are having difficulty finding attractive clothes to fit, or you feel that your large breasts  are an embarrassment or an encumbrance to your daily lifestyle, then Breast Reduction Surgery may be your solution. Call ​​ The Best U Now to learn how you can benefit from this type of life changing surgery. To schedule your consultation please contact us at 954-446-6464.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Breast Augmentation is a procedure in which silicone or saline implants are

used to increase the size, volume and/or contours of the breast while providing better cleavage.  The medical terms used to describe this type of surgery include augmentation mammoplasty, breast implant surgery. breast enhancement or breast enlargement.

Women consider having breast augmentation for a variety of

reasons. Some women  since puberty, have had small breasts

or have been "flat chested" and have always desired to be

bigger breasted.  Other women experience deflation or breast

volume loss as a result of pregnancy and breast feeding.

Others may have breast Asymmetries, unshapely breasts or

inadequate cleavage.Many women just want to have larger

breasts as it makes them feel sexier to have a more

voluptuous and curvy Silhouette.

Saline or Silicone implants can be used for breast augmentation.  Both types are FDA approved and the decision as to what type of implant to use can be based on preference by the doctor and/or patient.  There are various styles, shapes and profiles and the ultimate choice usually depends upon the patient’s specific body type, chest wall thickness and the look they are trying to attain. Our surgeons will help determine which would be the best implant for your particular situation as every patient is unique and different.  Our goal is to guide you to the best implant for your body type in order to achieve beautiful  results with a natural appearance.

Please keep in mind that breast implants do not treat sagging breasts. They improve breast shape, size and contour. Breast lift surgery otherwise known as a mastopexy treats sagging breast tissue and is often combined with breast augmentation surgery.  During your initial breast planning consultation, discussion will include type of implant,  implant sizing,  implant style,  and incision location.  After examining you, the surgeon will determine if you would need to combine a breast lift procedure with  your breast augmentation surgery in order to deliver the best result and meet your expectations. This would result in a breast augmentation surgery combined with a mastopexy or breast lift surgery performed at the same time.

Some patients already have breast implants and want to remove them and replace them for different reasons, whether they are “too old”, they want a bigger or smaller size.  Our surgeons are skilled at removing and replacing implants,

Here at  The Best U Now,  we understand that having breast augmentation surgery is a major decision.  During  your consultation we want to make each patient feel comfortable and educated about all aspects of breast enlargement surgery.  Please call 954-446-6464 to schedule  your consultation.


Breast Implant Removal

More and more women are deciding to have their breast implants removed.  Unwanted breast implants can be removed.   Some women postpone the decision to have their implants removed as they are afraid the appearance of their breasts will look terrible.   If you are no longer comfortable with your implants, or you need to have them removed for a medical reason,  rest assured that this surgery can be done safely and the breast appearance can be made to look natural again.

If an implant ruptures or the patient develops a severe capsular contracture, then the breast implant must be removed.  They can be replaced with the same type of implant, silicone gel or saline.  Many women are choosing to not have the implants replaced, deciding to go back to their natural size.

Please keep in mind a breast implant is not a lifetime device.  At some point, it will be necessary to remove and replace aging implants.  After the implant is removed, you may decide to reconstruct the breast  in a more natural way such as fat grafting to the breast with an internal breast lift or a breast lift alone.  A breast lift or mastopexy can correct the appearance of deflation that may exist after a breast implant is removed.

If you are considering having your breast implants removed and would like advice as to what would be best for you, please call The Best U  Now at 954-446-6464  to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.


Male Breast Reduction

Many men suffer from enlarged breasts also known as gynecomastia.  This condition is usually caused by overdeveloped breast tissue, excess fat , a combination of excess breast tissue and fat and can affect one or both breasts.  Certain medications can also cause breast enlargement in men.  During puberty most males will develop some breast enlargement.  Usually this is a temporary condition, but it some cases,  the breast tissue remains enlarged permanently.

Exercise will not improve this condition.  In fact, aggressive exercise that builds up the chest muscles in males can actually make this condition look worse.  The only permanent solution for gynecomastia is male breast reduction.  Most men with gynecomastia feel self- conscious with this condition. Breast reduction surgery can improve their masculine physique and restore their self- confidence.

Breast Reduction in men involves the removal of fat as well as breast tissue.  The surgical technique used  will vary and will be tailored to each person’s needs.   Sometimes the surgery can be performed using the tumescent liposuction method with very tiny incisions. Some patients will require a more involved surgery in which a small incision is made at the perimeter of the areolar margin or under the breast crease.  For males with significant hanging breasts or excess skin, scars may be required around the entire areolar and further along the breast folds as well.    These scars typically heal very well and can be very minimal once the healing process matures.

Male Breast Reduction can be a life changing surgery for men who suffer from gynecomastia.  Call  The Best U  Now,  to find out more about this type of surgery to see if this is the right option for you.

Breast Enhancement Procedures​

offered at  The Best U Now  include: